What it feels like

What does it feel like to be free? What does it feel like to be liberated from your own mind? It feels like I’ve been unshackled, which is synonymous. It feels like an abundance of love overflowing from my soul down my spine to the soles of my feet.

Homophone or Purpose?

Mind needs uplifting like mantras that give hope for the morning.  Halted by mantras that remind the mind it’s forever in mourning. Peace is the cure for the aching thought. Pieces of thoughts are cured once the negative is caught. Love is a gift life holds onto. Love is the present to be unwrapped by…

Monet, Monet 

   Oh Monet! The colors are like a million stars that light up my night.  Serenity. Like a calm mind with peaceful thoughts.  Your emotion gives my imagination fantasies of the unknown.  Oh Monet!  You kiss my soul. 

just. A. moment 

   There are times we just need a moment of solitude and in that moment you will reconnect to yourself.

Food Therapy 

Lately, I’ve been in cooking mode. Of course I love to eat and cooking is essential for watching what you eat and saving money in the process. BUT I’m talking about really cooking-when you go to special markets just to get secert spices and surf Pinterest all day so you can feel like a chef….