Total recall

Left foot, right foot, I begin to trace my steps. Attempting to recall my thoughts however vague. I’m lost in a moment I cannot change. Regretful yet thankful. Fearful yet excited. Worried yet in the still of the calm. I embrace the lesson. For I was led down this path to embrace not reject, to…


I blossom if you stay rooted in me.

The Bigger Picture

The fish cannot tell me how to fly for I am the bird. The bee cannot tell me how to bloom for I am the flower. The scientist cannot tell me how to wave for I am the ocean. The mind cannot tell me how to love for I am the heart. Life cannot tell…

The Art of Mistakes 

Use them as if they’re life vests. They can either save you or cause you to drown. Which do you choose? To stay afloat or slowly drift to the bottom? Use them as if they’re mothers. They can either love you or scold you. Which do you choose? To learn that love may be tough…


Life comes full force like two cars meeting head on. Which one will move over? Collision is mandatory. Situational distress is inevitable. Collision is mandatory. Without damage, how will it be made better, stronger, faster? Collision is mandatory.  Without fear, how will it be faced? Without crashing, how will you drive? Collision is mandatory.