Slow trek through the maze. Out of daze. Unfazed.


In My Skin

I'm sorry  you don't like me. I never meant to offend anyone with my deeper tone or the fact I love a good pair of sneakers over 6 inch heels. I never meant to offend anyone with my stylish tie over a Dior after 5. I never meant to offend anyone with her beautiful smile… Continue reading In My Skin

All that I can Say

All that I can say is words have power and they can be beautiful or displeasing. They can uplift you like elevation. They can put love into conversation. They can bring vivid focus from imagination. They can can turn 180 and leave you lost. They can defeat you mentally, energy exhaust. They can freeze your being,… Continue reading All that I can Say


"I am not my emotions. I simply allow them to pass as I return to a state of being" When an emotion strikes you like lightening, Regroup. As it tries to cling onto your every move, to your every rhythm, Feel it rush through you like morphine of an addicted soul, and simply Regroup. It… Continue reading Regroup

Under Construction

You saw a sign that said "Home for Sale." You parked your car and decided to give it a look. There is a lawn with little grass and a few weeds but one lone flower emerges from the soil. Entry-way highlighted by 100 watt bulbs that give light to dark rooms. Smells like fresh paint on… Continue reading Under Construction

A List to Remember

Remember you are good enough. Remember you are already incredible. Remember you control your happiness- and you are happy! Remember positive energy flows through your being recycling by the min. Remember you can do anything and you will! Remember the universe is attracting abundance towards you. Remember you are grateful for all that you have… Continue reading A List to Remember