In a state of…

Joy. Happiness. Glee. Rapture. Bliss. Exuberance. Felicity.


Lucid Dreams

When I cross the finish line, It'll be clear that mother nature has run her course. Clairvoyance of the now, I can foresee. A vulnerable reality. For my meek heart only thinks in terms of accomplished disappointments. There's not enough ointment to heal these wounds, Mind buried in a tomb, Beautiful soul, ticking boom! Blahs. I… Continue reading Lucid Dreams

As I sit here 

The morning breeze is brisk yet subtle. And I woke anew as I meditated through writing. Palo Santo burned; the aromatherapy to my mind. I sit here awaiting the boil of the water so I can have my tea. My eyes have just fully resurfaced from night. My limbs are slowly building energy to carry… Continue reading As I sit here 

To Ponder or Be Present

I rose to the smell of fresh roasted beans that made their way to the Americas from Costa Rica. As it turns out, it was my good friend Dunkin. Fresh veggies being prepped for a delicious meal. A sore body from the latest HIIT workout. A mind filled with a bunch of ideas. And I… Continue reading To Ponder or Be Present