Choose wisely 

I sat with my legs crossed and meditated to the words that parted your lips. Deep down, I wanted to scowl at you, grab your face until you left your reality and entered into mine.  Yet, you did not see me.  And it was then I knew I was merely a choice, past tense, but… Continue reading Choose wisely 

Could it be? 

When you finally feel like a woman, what is it? It cannot be the insecurity seeping into my heartbeat causing the rhythm to thump like a native drum echoing ancient tones.  This cannot be the bitter taste of jealousy relishing on my taste buds waiting for more.  This cannot be the rage I begin to… Continue reading Could it be? 

Oh love 

I learned what love looks, smells, tastes, sounds and even feels like. I learned in just...that...moment when I was falling deeper into a zone with continuous momentum; head over hills I tumbled, slightly dizzy yet I managed to stumble and land at your feet. My timid body in that of a fetus position. Slowly scanning… Continue reading Oh love 

Yeah, I’m Imperfect. 

There's something about letting yourself go and leaning into the discomfort. Just when you think your world is tumbling down...*snap* life eases this very burden. I've been known to be a perfectionist. Trust me, I know this about myself. Although there seems to be mixed feelings on that of the positive and negative effects of… Continue reading Yeah, I’m Imperfect. 

Facing Judgement

It's funny. Prior to reading this quote, I was judging the hell out of someone on the train. He took it upon himself to give everyone a concert. I thought, "For real dude! I don't wanna hear this sh*t!" I immediately allowed my mind to voyage off into the land of "He must be crazy… Continue reading Facing Judgement

The Bigger Picture

The fish cannot tell me how to fly for I am the bird. The bee cannot tell me how to bloom for I am the flower. The scientist cannot tell me how to wave for I am the ocean. The mind cannot tell me how to love for I am the heart. Life cannot tell… Continue reading The Bigger Picture